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Jeff Weeks Re-Hired as Linebackers Coach; Complete 2013 Staff

The Jets are reuniting with an ex-coach.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, Jeff Weeks, Rex Ryan's old college roommate and long-time coaching buddy, was fired as the outside linebackers coach. You may recall Weeks from an incident on Hard Knocks when they found tanning spray in his locker. He has just been re-hired to the team as the linebackers coach. It's unclear at the moment if he'll be taking over the entire unit, but it sounds like his title is Assistant Defensive Backs Coach/Linebackers Coach. Aside from assistants, this should complete the coaching staff for the 2013 NFL season, which is as follows:

  • Offensive Coordinator - Marty Mornhinweg
  • Quarterbacks - David Lee
  • Offensive Line - Mike Devlin
  • Assistant Offensive Line - Ron Heller
  • Wide Receivers - Sanjay Lal
  • Tight Ends - Steve Hagen

  • Defensive Coordinator - Dennis Thurman
  • Defensive Line - Karl Dunbar
  • Linebackers - Jeff Weeks
  • Defensive Backs - Tim McDonald

  • Special Teams Coordinator - Ben Kotwica
  • Assistant Special Teams Coordinator - Louie Aguiar
  • Strength and Conditioning - Justus Gulac
  • Assistant Strength and Conditioning - Pierre Ngo

I'm not too fond of the Weeks hire, as the linebacking corps. was not particularly successful under Weeks' tenure last time, so there's little reason to think it will be on this attempt. Rex has a tendency, as we all know, to get too attached and too loyal to "his" guys. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong and Weeks is a great hire. I sure hope so.

As to the rest of the staff, I feel pretty good about it, generally speaking. As I said, I'm not too thrilled about Weeks and Lee as well, however everyone else, from what I know about them, I feel good about it. Let's pray John Idzik can get in some good players for them to coach up.