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Manish Mehta Lashes Out at Jets; Other Writers


New York Daily News beat writer first reported two weeks ago that offensive line Dave DeGuglielmo was out and would be replaced by tight ends coach Mike Devlin. There were some reports that day it wasn't so. Other reporters noted DeGugliemo was fired just today.

Manish is not happy.

Manish does not specify which of his fellow beat writers is a stenographer, but Kimberly Martin tweeted out something that might be considered spin/agenda.

That would contradict Manish's initial report if true. I guess he feels set up by the Jets. Manish has helped make the team look bad through some fairly sensationalistic stories he has published. Maybe he feels this is payback. At the same time, I'm not really sure anybody cares who broke the story. The big news is either way Coach Guges is gone.

Apparently there isn't a lot of love among the beat writers.