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Jets Flight Connections 02-05-13

Daily links to articles about the NFL's New York Jets.

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The Jets Blog: Mark Sanchez in the raw.

danone: What if they let him be that Sanchez?

Las Vegas Review Journal: Darrelle Revis was at a Sunday brunch party.

NY Jets Cap: Final conclusions on the Jets salary cap.

Pro Football Focus: New York Jets team needs. Check out which players they think will fix Gang Green.

dbbrowne wants to get Titus Young in here.

Crackback shares a scouting report on Cordarelle Patterson.

Jets draft pieces shares his mock draft.

The Jet Press: Post Super Bowl mock draft.

Tom Rock: Mike Pereira says that the officials made the right call on the San Francisco 49ers' final offensive play.

Judy Battista: The Baltimore Ravens will pay for Joe Flacco's exquisite timing.

OSN: New Orleans police struggle to contain a rioting Ray Lewis.

SB Nation: In search of deer spray.

Lamebook: Super statuses.

Deadspin: A sex-and-violence supercut of Super Bowl commercials.

Associated Press: The Super Bowl falls short of a ratings record.

Sam Farmer: Officials were still working to unravel the mystery as to why the lights went out.

Jenny Vrentas: Roger Goodell says that Chris Christie is hard at work at guarding against power outages in the 2014 Super Bowl.

Conor Orr: An NFL executive says that MetLife Stadium will be looked at closer.

Lancaster Eagle Gazette: Rob Carpenter recalls his time with Bill Parcells.

Red Raiders: Texas Tech will pay Mike Smith $425,000.

MU Red Hawks: John Harbaugh joins Weeb Ewbank as Cradle of Coaches Super Bowl winner.

Clarion Ledger: Larry Grantham's story is much more than football.

Connect Tri States: A local company provides grass-fed beef to the Jets.

And now here is Billy Joel: