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2013 NFL Mock Draft: SB Nation Has Jets Taking Tyler Wilson

Wesley Hitt is out today with a post Super Bowl mock draft. They make a fairly shocking projection for the Jets.

9. New York Jets - Tyler Wilson, Quarterback, Arkansas

Mark Sanchez had a disastrous season, and the Jets desperately need to address the quarterback position. New York could choose to address the position through trade or free agency, but the possibility of Alex Smith or Mike Vick can't be too exciting. Tyler Wilson would bring a live arm and tons of competitiveness to an offense that could use both at the quarterback position.

I am a believer that franchise quarterback trumps all other needs. I am also, however, a believer that nothing sets a franchise back like choosing the wrong quarterback early. David did a scouting report of Wilson today, and I am in agreement with him. There are just too many red flags for me to approve of taking him this early.

Yes, you should draft at positions of need, but there needs to be flexibility. You cannot go in saying, "We need a quarterback so we are going to take the best quarterback available," if none are worthy of the spot you are picking. There are going to be a lot of safer difference makers on the board. Wilson feels like a complete wild card. That is not what you want in the top ten.