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Scouting The 2013 NFL Draft: Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas

We continue our look at some of the talent in this years draft.

Mike Zarrilli


Watching the Super Bowl last night and quarterbacks Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick, it really did make me realize just how poor our quarterback position is, and how we really need to address this if we ever hope to make it to the big dance. Tyler Wilson is another quarterback prospect that we will likely look at and interview during the draft process. After seeing limited action in 2008 before redshirting the season on medical grounds, Wilson played sparingly in 2009 and 2010, before eventually becoming the starter in 2011 and 2012. Wilson is not getting a great deal of attention at the moment, however for a team who is looking to improve the position without spending a first round draft pick - and a team who needs a quarterback with short to medium accuracy on passing routes to match the new offensive philosophy, Wilson does make a little sense for the Jets.


Height: 6'2

Weight: 220lb's

Estimated 40: 4.7

Grade: Senior


Season Completed Attempted Yards Completion % YPA Season Long TD INT Sacks
2012 249 401 3387 62.1% 8.45 80 21 13 14
2011 277 438 3638 63.2% 8.31 68 24 6 26
2010 34 51 453 66.7% 8.88 54 4 3 3
2009 22 36 218 61.1% 6.06 22 2 2 0
2008 11 22 69 50.0%


10 1 2 3


No off the field problems and a good team leader, was captain in 2011 and 2012 and earned academic honors. Has been praised for his work ethic in the film room. Has a good arm, just below the elite status. Can certainly make all the throws in the book, has a short and sharp release and good arm extension. Has good accuracy especially on the short to medium routes. Throws very well on the run and leads receivers with his throws. Has good pocket sense to feel the rush and slide away from it, had a very patchy line in 2012 but managed to avoid a lot of sacks with his feel in the pocket. Doesn't have good speed for a QB, but still manages to scramble to pick up some very valuable yards. Has a good football IQ and does a nice job progressing through his reads, has a good pump fake.


Very sloppy feet, he was pressured a lot at Arkansas and that has affected his mechanics from the waist down. Often tries to get rid of the football too quickly and throws off his back foot too much. Does have trouble spotting the deep ball and delivering it with touch. Although he does have good accuracy he will throw some head scratchers, and will try and fit too many balls into windows he doesn't need to. Very inconsistent, sometimes he will deliver the ball with plenty of zip - others he will let the ball go too high and it sails into center field. Played mostly out of shotgun at Arkansas so doesn't have a great feel for playing under center.


I found it really hard forming an opinion on Wilson because he's just so inconsistent. It didn't help that he had a new coaching staff this year after the Bobby P incident. Wasn't surrounded with a great deal of talent and was pressured all year. He'll make some difficult throws and I like his ability to step away from pressure. I don't like his feet though. I think with a good QB coach in the lead up to the draft, he can really improve. Doesn't have that elite size but he has a good quick compact delivery and doesn't seem to get many balls batted down.

Would I draft him for the Jets?

Honestly? no! I think his stock right now is mid 2nd round and with a good pre-draft workout he could creep into the late first. However he is just too inconsistent for my liking, if he does manage to sort his feet out and he regains the confidence to hang in the pocket like he was doing in 2011 - he'll be a good QB with the potential to be a great one. However It's a big risk for me and I just don't see the Jets taking him.