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New York Jets: Salary Cap Raised to $123 Million

The salary cap has been raised. What does this mean for the New York Jets?

Doug Pensinger

The NFL salary cap has been raised from $120.6 million to $123.0 million, per Ian Rapoport:

This is important news for the New York Jets, who have a number of holes in their roster and will need cheap veterans to fill them. It's a higher cap than expected (and I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that I predicted it'd be $123m), which bodes well for us as we need more free agents than most teams. We covered the salary cap to some extent here, but you can add an additional $3m on at the end the bigger cap number. With a $3.6m rollover from last year, and subtracting the money that will go to pay the draft class, and the team should be about $4m under the cap, $9m if you don't include the rookies.

Who should the Jets spend that extra money on? Any ideas?