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Ricky Sapp: Stay or Go?

Rich Schultz

Incredibly if the season started right now, I think Ricky Sapp would be a starting outside linebacker for the Jets. We can only guess because the Jets would have an assortment of no names to choose from. Sapp has been in the NFL for three years. He has been on two teams and has bounced between the practice squad and the active roster with the Jets. His 47 snaps this year were the only action of his entire career to this point. Free agency, trades, and the Draft might change things, but the fact somebody like Sapp might have a fairly clear path to the starting job is yet another monument to the disaster Mike Tannebaum's last two years were.

I'm actually a bit of a Sapp fan. I thought as a college player, he showed some pretty explosive athleticism as a pass rusher. There is potential there. He has been slowed by some serious knee injuries, one in college and one that cost him his rookie year with the Eagles. Maybe now that he is a bit removed from them, Sapp will have his full explosion back in 2013.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a 26 year old like Sapp with potential on the team to attempt to groom into a good player. The problem is you want him around as a, "Let's see what we can get out of him," guy. You want anything he can provide to be a bonus. You do not want him as somebody possibly with the inside track to win the starting job.

I think the Jets should keep him around to see what he can do. I'm not sure how much that is, but it's worth looking at.