Trading Cromartie vs. Revis

This is my first fan post, but I've been coming on this site for a while. Thanks writers and fans for both articles, fanposts, and comments, I read them just about everyday.

Now onto my thoughts.

The speculation seems to be that the Jets will trade Revis, in an effort to free up cap space. The cons of this move is

1) we lose our best player, and the best corner in the league

2) we may not get his true value, because he is coming off such drastic surgery.

Why not look into trading Cromartie. The upsides of his trade can perhaps surpass the upside of a Revis trade

1) he's a year older (not too much of a big deal, but it helps)

2) he's coming off a career year (buy low, sell high)

3) trading Cro would alleviate roughly $9.3 million in cap space (depending on the source), whereas trading Revis would cost the cap $12 million if traded.

It seems like a no-brainer to keep Revis and trade Cromartie (if Revis can regain form), so the Jets can keep their best player, have enough room to resign him, and possibly even create room to sign another mid-level free agents.

Post your thoughts below...thanks for listening

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