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Muhammad Wilkerson: Stay or Go?

Rich Schultz

2012 was a really bad year for the Jets. The best thing that came from it was probably the play of Muhammad Wilkerson. Wilkerson built on a solid rookie year and became a standout performer for the Jets. If you just look at the stats, you will not be impressed. Wilkerson's position is about more than stats, though. Take Richard Seymour for example. He was widely considered an elite level player. He has never had more than 36 tackles or 8 sacks in a season.

For Wilkerson, it is all about how he impacts the play on the line. When he lines up, he collapses the pocket against double teams. He drives blockers into the backfield against the run, forcing the ball carrier to change his direction. He uses his arms to shed blocks and make tackles. All you can do on the football field is win your assignment. Wilkerson did that at a very high rate last year and helped make the people around him look better.

Nobody got more out of having Karl Dunbar as a coach last year. Wilkerson is now part of this team's foundation on defense. Jets fans should look forward to a very productive career.