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New York Jets: Clash of the Titans

Coming soon to a theater near you, the greatest untold battle since the Iliad.

Jonathan Ferrey

If you believe everything you read on the internet at face value, as I do, you can appreciate that the New York Jets are about to engage in a fight to the death in their pursuit of a quarterback. In this struggle, they'll bring in the best of the best for a training camp competition at quarterback.

Oh, did I say best of the best? I mean literally the worst of the worst.

As we reported earlier, Chris Mortensen has indicated that the Jets are interested in signing the great Brady Quinn. With Mark Sanchez and Greg McElroy under contract, and Tim Tebow likely to be released, the team may pursue an additional free agent QB to join the fight to the death (Donovan McNabb and Vince Young are still available. Maybe we can trot out Vinny Testaverde again?!). Mortensen reports the team is interested in bringing in up to five QBs, with two of them being free agents, so that presumably, if my math is correct, leaves a spot open for a draft pick who, judging by this draft class, will be extremely raw and in no position to compete for the job.

I'm hoping the other QB they sign is either Matt Moore, Josh Johnson, or Brett Favre. Add a little spice and even the faintest of talent and we may actually have something worth watching other than a five car pileup. If not, at least it will be hilariously depressing to watch a raw rookie drafted in the 4th round beat out a group of scrub veteran quarterbacks.

Edit: I completely forgot about Matt Simms (for good reason). If two free agent QBs are really in the cards, then the odds of drafting a QB becomes minimal. I'm starting the Simms 2013 bandwagon. Who's with me?!