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Potential Jets: Brady Quinn

CHirs Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Brady Quinn is a former first round pick whose career has not panned out at all. He has six years of experience under his belt. He has been on three teams. The other quarterbacks on his teams have included Derek Anderson, Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow, and Matt Cassel. He has never been able to hold down a starting job. He has been given plenty of chances. Quinn has 20 career starts. That is a season and a quarter worth of work. Three times he was handed the starting job for his team. He never once played even adequate ball. Every time his team has not stuck with him.

This is a case where the numbers tell the story. He has a lower career completion percentage than Mark Sanchez. He has almost a whole less yard per attempt than Sanchez. His quarterback rating is close to 7 points lower than Sanchez's. As you might know, Sanchez's stats aren't so hot.

Quinn is a guy who stares down receivers. He has little touch on his throws, which are almost always erratic. He takes his eyes off his receivers the second he feels the slightest pressure.

There are some reports, including one tonight from Chris Mortensen that suggest the Jets are quite interested in Quinn. Signing him would be a clear case of creating a fake competition for the starting quarterback job. It would prove the talk about making Mark Sanchez earn his job was lip service. Sanchez would easily beat Quinn out for a starting job. Quinn would pose no threat to Sanchez.

Bringing in Brady Quinn would make signing Matt Cassel look like a good move by comparison. It's kind of a bad sign when every single team you have ever been on was in desperate need of better quarterback play, and all moved on.