Trading Revis is one HUGE Mistake

How could anybody want to trade the best player in football? Possibly the best cornerback of ALL TIME. AND he is not even in his prime yet. I think he defintely wants to stay with the Jets. I get we are in cap hell right now, but it is not like we can not fix it. Restructure a few contracts and finally lock up Revis like he has done to EVERY WR he has faced in the last couple of years. We have to find someway to keep Revis. Trading him can not be an option. If he does get traded, I'd want like 4 first rounders. I doubt with any picks we'd get they would turn into the best player in football. It just does not make sense to me. I know Revis wants to be here. I also know he wants to be the highest payed defensive player in football. He should be. He deserves it. He is the best defensive player in football, so he should be the best payed. Who would be the face of the Jets if he leaves? There is not one marketable player on the Jets, besides Tebow. Please Jets, you have disappointed me before, but do everything possible to sign him. Everything.

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