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Darrelle Revis Trade Rumors: Are the 49ers Now the Favorite?

Robert Laberge

The Alex Smith trade will leave the 49ers loaded with Draft picks. San Francisco now owns fifteen selections, including five of the first ninety-three. They have been in the NFL's final four the last two years so they are clearly looking to win now. They were five yards away from winning it all this year and were shredded through the air in the Super Bowl. With this kind of ammo, they figure to be a logical suitor for Darrelle Revis.

Not so fast says David Fucillo of SB Nation's Niners Nation. He seems to feel Revis would be tough to afford over the long haul.

Don't forget that the 49ers are eventually going to need to consider a variety of players for contract extensions. Michael Crabtree, Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati are all eligible for extensions right now. Next year, Colin Kaepernick, Aldon Smith, Kendall Hunter and Chris Culliver are all eligible for extensions. The 49ers may not re-sign all of these players, but adding players like Revis or Harvin with the intent to make them more than one-year rentals puts the 49ers in a tough position with the rest of the roster.

A Revis or Harvin trade just does not strike me as Baalke's style. Sure the 49ers are in a unique position, but as we saw in 2011, and to a lesser extent in 2012, Baalke and the 49ers personnel department are willing to work the long con as they try and build the 49ers into a consistent winner. I believe acquiring a Revis or Harvin at this point, with this roster, puts the 49ers in a position where they find themselves in cap hell down the road. I could be underestimating the power of Paraag Marathe and company, but why get into that situation when the team is already in such a great position?

Due to the injury and his contract demands, a trade involving Revis is sure to be tricky. It is entirely possible a team like the Niners would not want to bring in a high priced guy like Revis when they have to raise the salaries of their own cornerstone players.