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Alex Smith Will Be Traded to Kansas City Chiefs


Jay Glazer reports 49ers quarterback Alex Smith will be traded to the Chiefs.

Deal has been agreed upon between Chiefs and 49ers. Compensation unclear but I'm told again Chiefs have made a clear commitment to Smith.

Smith was probably the highest regarded quarterback on the market. I am happy the Jets are steering clear, though. Smith only had big success in San Francisco in the perfect situation with a ton of supporting talent, an offense based on the run game that didn't ask him to carry the load, and great coaching. The Jets were not going to give Smith a perfect situation, which would have made it likely he would not live up to his pricetag of over $8 million.

This also takes one potential team out of the running for other quarterbacks the Jets might want in free agency or the Draft. One less bidder will make things slightly less expensive.

[Edit by John B, 02/27/13 12:39 PM EST Schefter says the Chiefs gave up their second round pick this year (the second pick of the second round) and a conditional pick in 2014. All that for a quarterback with a career completion percentage under 60% and a career quarterback rating under 80. I'm starting to feel like the Jets dodged a bullet by not hiring now Chiefs general manager John Dorsey.