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Mike Devito: Stay or Go?


Mike Devito was one of Mike Tannenbaum's best finds. After the Draft that netted the Jets Darrelle Revis and David Harris, the Jets grabbed Devito as an undrafted free agent. He worked his way from the practice squad to becoming a valuable reserve and then quality starter.

Devito is a versatile player. He has shown he is capable of lining up at defensive end in the 3-4, at nose tackle in the 3-4, and inside in the 4-3. While his production is negligible as a pass rusher, he is a very stout defender at the point of attack and very good against the run.

Losing Devito would not be cause for celebration. However, I think the hit the Jets would take is being a bit overblown in some quarters. The Jets have invested their last two first round picks in players who play Devito's position on this team, Muhammad Wilkerson and Quinton Coples. These are both cheaper, higher impact players. The nature of the NFL is you cannot afford to keep everybody. The main idea is that you want young, cheap talent to be able to step in so you can let veterans go once they get expensive.

I have seen a lot of people view Devito as a "must re-sign" player. Given the young talent along the defensive line, I think the Jets can withstand losing Devito. That was the whole point in drafting Wilkerson and Coples. Devito's run stopping skills would be missed, but the Jets should be so fortunate to have replacements in place for veterans elsewhere on the roster. Given the current construction and gaping holes in other spots, I think it would be difficult to justify spending what it would take to keep Devito around.

I vote go, but I am not happy about it.