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Darrelle Revis Trade Rumors: Jets Were Shopping the Corner at the Combine

Al Bello

Gary Myers reports the Jets were making it known that Darrelle Revis is available on the trade market during the Combine.

Despite the damage control talk from Idzik and Rex Ryan in Indy about how much they value Revis, the source told the Daily News on Tuesday that Idzik was “actively” shopping Revis at the combine, and interested teams are now doing their homework on what it would take to get Revis signed to a new contract if they can satisfy the Jets with compensation.

This is why that story from the other day about the Jets not speaking to Revis' agents was a big deal. All signs point to the Jets trading Revis for 20 cents on the dollar. All signs also point to the Jets being a bad team for a long time. These past few years they have been doing everything bad franchises do from giving out bloated contracts to now possibly letting elite talent get away.

Myers says it best below:

My feeling is when you have great players, you keep great players and find a way to make it work — especially a guy like Revis, who doesn’t cause a bit of trouble off the field and despite the deterioration of the team around him, truly wants to remain with the Jets.


Ultimately, it comes down to one issue: Does Johnson have the stomach to write checks to Revis for more than he’s ever written to any Jets player? Deals can be structured to minimize the salary cap hit. It comes down to cash.