Timmy Two Times Two Times

So... lets play a game. The object of the game is to target a position in the draft, and double up on that position. Lets try and make it as real as possible by not selecting two players that you can be pretty sure won't make make it out of the first round, e.g. DE/OLBs Ansah and Jordan. Lets also state our prediction of the round in which these players are to be drafted so we can kinda try to get what you're thinkin.

The purpose of this game is to have fun. The purpose is not to get all serious about it and to become self-proclaimed value experts about who will be drafted when. If you're one of those people that thinks they know better than everyone else what round a player will be selected, then you're probably not going to be very much fun to play this game with. If you can't have a little fun, then maybe you should get back to work on that 7-round mock draft that you've been grinding out.

I'll start it off:

34 OLB/Pass Rushers

Round 1 -- Barkevious Mingo

Round 3 -- Corey Lemonier

Want to add some explosiveness to the edge of our defense? Well here you go. Both played much more DE than OLB in college, which limited their effectiveness, but neither is unaccustomed to dropping into coverage. Give each of them a little bit of space to work with and BOOM goes the dyn-o-mite.

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