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Jets Meet With Matt Barkley At NFL Combine

Nine teams met with Barkley in Indy, the New York Jets were one of them.

Steve Dykes

ESPN reported yesterday that the Jets and eight other teams met with Matt Barkley in Indy. Now lets not put too much emphasis on this, the Jets will talk with just about every QB on their board before April and meet over a hundred players. However it's still worth noting that only 9 of the 32 teams met with the USC QB and we were one of them.

Barkley is a really interesting prospect as he has fallen from grace a little over the last year. Before the 2011 season he was considered an elite prospect, a likely Heisman winner and the guaranteed top QB in the 2013 class. He then had a good if underwhelming season on an average USC team and finished the season with a shoulder injury.

There are some real concerns with the arm strength of Barkley, especially in the North East weather conditions. He has had several nagging injuries in college and he really struggled to avoid the pressure in 2012. Doesn't have the best athletic ability and is short for a QB, although his release makes up for this to an extent.

Would be select another USC QB? if we believe him to be the guy then absolutely. We shouldn't punish Barkley because of Mark Sanchez's limitations. With that being said, I'm still not interested in him. He doesn't handle the pressure very well and his balls will float in the New Jersey winter. No harm in meeting him and seeing what he's about but I hope we don't consider him at #9.