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Jets Did Not Meet With Darrelle Revis' Agents at Combine


Manish Mehta reports the Jets did not meet with Darrelle Revis' representation at the Combine.

The Daily News has learned that the Jets’ contingent, which included GM John Idzik, Rex Ryan and Johnson himself, didn’t meet or contact Revis’ representatives during the combine, fueling speculation that Johnson simply doesn’t want to pay the Pro Bowl cornerback as the team enters a rebuilding phase in 2013.


Idzik & Co. met with representatives of Santonio Holmes, Dustin Keller, Jeff Cumberland, Austin Howard, Shonn Greene and LaRon Landry during the week, but elected not to talk to Revis’ agents.


One NFC executive told The News that there is a sentiment around the league that Johnson not only isn’t interested in making Revis the highest-paid defensive player in the league, which would mean a salary of around $16 million per year, but that the owner doesn’t want to sign the cornerback to a lucrative long-term deal at all given the dire state of the franchise.

As many have pointed out, the timeframe for a final decision on Revis is likely going to come over the summer. That will give Revis a chance to be further along with his rehab. The Jets are probably not going to get maximum value in a trade or sign him before they have seen him run. Doing so would probably be akin to malpractice. At the same time, the Combine is one of the few events during the year where just about everybody from the league is attending. If the Jets were planning on keeping Revis, one would assume they would at least touch base with the agents.