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Matt Slauson: Stay or Go?

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

I think if Matt Slauson is your fifth best offensive lineman, you are in really good shape. If he is your best offensive lineman, you are in really bad shape. For the 2012 Jets, he was probably the fourth best offensive lineman. The line was not a top unit, but it did seem to be an above average one. At the very least, it was not a weakness.

Slauson seems like a hold the fort type. There is not anything he does that blows you away. Earlier in his career, I was hoping he would develop into a top run blocker. That does not seem like it is going to happen anytime soon. He has improved his pass blocking, but does not appear to be All World in this area either. Slauson is just a guy who will not dominate but will not kill you either. He's average, maybe a bit above, maybe a bit below depending on your circumstances.

In an ideal world, the Jets could do better at left guard. In a more real world, bringing back Slauson would make sense. He should be relatively inexpensive and can do a credible job. The Jets do not seem to like him, though, after having him take a paycut a year ago and then giving some of his playing time to his backup this year. I think the Jets should attempt to find an upgrade but bring Slauson back if there is none to be found. How about you?