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Darrelle Revis Trade Rumors: Rex Ryan Denies Revis Will Be Traded Then Says He Might Be Traded


Rex Ryan gave a non-denial denial regarding trade rumors surrounding Darrelle Revis.

Ryan said there was "no validity" to the trade rumors.

"Plain and simple, it's not accurate. I told (Revis) that," Rex said. "There's no validity to that trade."


"Could there be a trade? Yeah, anybody could be traded," Ryan said. "But do I expect there to be a trade for Darrelle Revis? No. But that doesn't mean something couldn't come up... Again, we have not discussed trading Darrelle Revis."

So yeah, the Jets aren't trading Revis but they might. If the Jets have made a decision on what they are doing with Revis, it would not make much sense to announced their plans in public. They would lose leverage negotiating with Revis and with any potential trade partners. Because of that, we get this gobbledygook and will probably get plenty more of it from the Jets up until something actually happens.