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Updated New York Jets Salary Cap Information

Let's take a look at how the recent roster casualties affect the Jets salary cap.

Tom Szczerbowski

With the roster being trimmed today, it's time we update everyone on the status of the salary cap. With the exception of the estimated rookie pool numbers, all numbers are, as always, from NYJetsCap.

Previous Estimated Total $147,453,761
OT Jason Smith -$12,000,000
OLB Calvin Pace -$8,560,000
ILB Bart Scott -$7,150,000
S Eric Smith -$3,000,000
TE Josh Baker -$555,000
Total Savings $31,265,000
Current Salary Cap Hit $116,188,761
Estimated Rookie Pool Cost $5,610,469

Remaining Cap Space

(Assuming the salary cap is ~$120m plus ~$3.6m rollover from last year)


This is without other cuts that should be forthcoming, such as Tim Tebow, which will save another $1,055,000, and possibly Sione Pouha, which would save $3,833,332. There are a significant number of holes on the roster, but the team should be in a position to sign a good free agent or two (or several "lesser" free agents) to plug the gaps, in addition to the draft. The next step is determining Darrelle Revis' future, as that will play a significant role in the cap going into the future.

Edited: I studied history in college, folks, not math.