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Darrelle Revis Upset About Trade Rumors

The star cornerback is less than thrilled with how the team has handled the trade rumors.

Al Bello

The Darrelle Revis trade rumors have been floating about for a while now, and Revis himself has said that he doesn't want to be traded. Rumors were floating out of Florham Park that the team was looking at their options and putting him on the trading block. Revis responded with shock, seemingly unaware of those events.

Per Manish Mehta:

What's strange about this is that the rumors came out before GM John Idzik was officially introduced and before he even began working. Once he did, he quickly called Revis to settle the issue, and it seemed to have died down since then.

Perhaps this is just Revis playing hardball with the team and trying to get the fans on his side. That's what I think is going on. But this whole thing stinks to high heaven. If the rumors truly came from the team, they didn't come from someone with the actual authority to make such a decision (barring it being Woody Johnson, which doesn't make sense since he had just said that Idzik would have final say on personnel). I think Revis is just making a big stink out of nothing for better PR.

Andrea Kremer's full interview with Revis will air tonight on NFL Network at 7pm.