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Miami Dolphins Making a Push to Keep Matt Moore?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Herald reports Ryan Tannehill is among those who have reached out to Matt Moore trying to get him to return as Dolphins backup quarterback.

Several Dolphins people, including Ryan Tannehill, have reached out to Matt Moore, hoping he will re-sign.

This is one of the few situations where the Jets can offer a quality free agent something his current team cannot. Moore would start on the Jets. He would probably wipe the floor with Mark Sanchez in any open competition for the starting job. His current team cannot give him that.

The problem for the Jets is that in a weak quarterback market, Moore might have other teams interested in him that could potentially offer more money. The Jets are really not in a position to get into a bidding war. It is a sad day when Matt Moore is a relatively attractive option. It would be even sadder if the Jets could not afford him.

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