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Potential Jets: Charles Woodson

Should the Jets consider the fraudulent 2009 Defensive Playoff of the Year Award?

Jamie Squire

After seven seasons, the Green Bay Packers have released CB/S Charles Woodson. Woodson, you may recall, stole the 2009 Defensive Player of the Year Award from its rightful owner, CB Darrelle Revis. Woodson is also one of the best defensive backs in recent years, and won the Heisman Trophy in college, one of the rare defensive players to do so. He is also a three-time All-Pro.

Woodson can play corner (primarily nickel) and safety, and is generally extremely versatile. He is also the second oldest defensive back in the league, after Ronde Barber, at thirty-six years old. As a testament to his age, he's been in the Pro Bowl in three decades - the 90s, 00s, and 2010s. I've seen Woodson compared to Ed Reed at this stage in his career - aging, oft-injured, but still effective.

Woodson was released primarily due to his contract. He was set to make a base salary of $6.5 million, with a$3.5 million roster bonus. His cap hit was nearly $9.5 million. This is likely his last contract, so Woodson will milk it for all it's worth. Subsequently, it's incredibly doubtful the New York Jets will be able to afford him. Even if they could, I'd rather they spend that money on LaRon Landry or keep going with a youth movement to increase the overall speed of the defense.