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Konrad Reuland: Stay or Go?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Konrad Reuland came to the Jets from the 49ers during the summer. Because of injuries, he ended up seeing fairly extensive playing time. The contributions were less than stellar.

He was used mainly as a blocker, and he struggled quite a bit. The only part of his game that was consistent was his inability to win his assignment. He also is not much of a receiver. He does not look fast or crisp out there, and his contributions in the receiving game were marginal, 11 receptions for 83 yards.

Reuland is both cheap and young. He will be 26 when the season starts at a price tag of under half a million dollars. I do not really see any reason for the Jets to keep him around, though. He had a chance to do something in 2012 and did not. His upside seems very limited, and his liabilities as a blocker limit his usefulness. I would rather see somebody else get a shot in camp.