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LaRon Landry Seeking $6m Per Year

Safety LaRon Landry, coming off a good year, will be cheaper than expected.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

SS LaRon Landry is coming off a solid year for the New York Jets in which he ended up in the Pro Bowl. Landry was one of the few bright spots on the team with his crushing blows and his swaggerlicious attitude. He was also on a one year contract, which prohibits the team from using the franchise tag. It's generally been assumed that Landry is out of the price range of the team, who will be forced to move on without him as they are cash-strapped due to salary cap limitations.

According to this report from Rotoworld and ESPN New York, Landry is looking for approximately $6 million per year. This is actually a good deal, as the article highlights. It's not the exorbitant sum I was expecting. It's possible the Jets will be able to re-sign him, although he would be their big-ticket only free agent signing. It's doubtful he'd be willing to take any hometown discount, as this article points out, so $6m is likely the cheapest they would be able to get him for.