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Josh Baker: Stay or Go?

Rich Schultz

Josh Baker was reportedly playing well in training camp and poised to be a part of the Jets offense. How effective he would have been is anybody guess, but his 2012 ended in the third preseason game against Carolina with a catastrophic knee injury.

From what little I have seen from Baker, I like him. He seems pretty quick and nimble for a guy at 6'3" and over 240 pounds. He might turn into a solid h-back, the kind of guy you move all over the place on offense to create mismatches in the passing game. That is the kind of thing that could turn into an asset in this new offense that will presumably feature the pass.

Baker is set to make just $550,000 this year with no bonus money counting against the cap. Maybe the knee injury will slow him down. Maybe he was never that good to begin with, but at that price it is clear the Jets should give him a shot. Given the state of the tight end and fullback positions, he could end up playing a big role in this offense.