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New York Jets: Jed Hughes Compares John Idzik to Sandy Alderson

Andrew Burton

Jed Hughes, who ran the search for the Jets' general manager wrote an entry to Bleacher Report yesterday comparing John Idzik to another New York general manager.

What do Sandy Alderson, GM of the New York Mets and John Idzik, GM of the New York Jets have in common? They are both graduates of Dartmouth College who inherited New York sports teams in turnaround mode.

To be honest, I found this article a bit lacking. I would have liked Hughes to have gone a bit more in depth talking about the qualities Idzik has that made him attractive. You would have to hope there is more than simply the fact the guy went to Dartmouth, but that seems to be the crux of the article.

Hughes goes on to talk about how Alderson has shed bad contracts. Idzik will certainly have to do that, but I'd rather hear about his vision for finding talent at value and putting all of the pieces together to make a good team. Any diehard fan can tell you what contracts are bad and need to be shed. That is the easy part of the job. The hard part is assembling a good team.