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Michael Vick Stays With Philadelphia Eagles

Justin K. Aller

Michael Vick is off the table. The veteran signed a one year deal with the Eagles to stay in Philadelphia.

Since the Jets need a quarterback, like to make a splash, and have Vick's old offensive coordinator, there was a bit of speculation he could end up with Gang Green. If you ignore all of the off field hype, he was one of the best options available. Even though he is a turnover machine, he at least can be potentially explosive at times and make big plays at times unlike the incumbent turnover machine at quarterback who makes few plays to mitigate his mistakes.

Because of how little money the Jets have to spend, Vick always felt like a bit of a stretch. Instead, he will be part of Chip Kelly's grand experiment in Philadelphia. To run his offense, he needs a quarterback like Vick. That is going to be one interesting storyline.