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Potential Jets: Anthony Fasano

Sam Greenwood

With Dustin Keller not under contract, the current state of the roster when it comes to tight ends is not a beautiful thing. The Jets do not have a single player under contract who has proven much of anything in the NFL. They also have other needs and little money to fill them all.

Anthony Fasano could pop up as a cheap option at tight end. The seventh year veteran might be on the way out of Miami as a free agent. In recent years, the Jets have had a problem finding well-rounded tight ends capable of functioning as both blockers and receivers. Fasano is a blocker first and a very good one at that. He has shown himself quite capable of helping a run game. While he is not a dynamic receiver threat who can stretch the field, he at least has served as an outlet, registering at least 30 receptions all five years he spent in Miami.

Fasano is a good number two tight end. He is not a great number one, but you can live with him if you have to. In a league where tight ends who can play plays in the passing game are at a premium, Fasano will probably not command a high price.

I would be fine with Fasano as a second tight end. I would be less in love with the idea of him starting in a pass first offense. I would rather the Jets find somebody younger and more athletic than the 28 year old. In a realistic sense, though, the Jets might have to settle for a stopgap player in this mold.

What are your thoughts?