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Jordan White: Stay or Go?


If nothing else happens the rest of his career, Jordan White will have one NFL catch. Few people who have played football at any level can say that. White had his reception, a 13 yarder, in the finale at Buffalo. It capped an undistinguished rookie year which he spent on the practice squad up to Thanksgiving.

From what I have seen of White, one thing has jumped out at me. He looks really slow. Most of what I saw of him was in preseason when he was going up against back of the depth chart guys who got cut. White looks like another Scotty McKnight to me. He was a prolific college receiver who parlayed that into a seventh round Draft selection. He was timed slow, and he looked the part.

I haven't seen enough out of him to definitively say he will never be a productive NFL player. He will be making next to nothing, so the Jets might as well give him a shot in training camp. Maybe an offseason will do him good. My hopes aren't high, but you never know. I'm fine with him getting another chance to make the team.

What do you think?