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Scouting the 2013 NFL Draft: RB Mike Gillislee

Today let's take a look at University of Florida running back, Mike Gillislee.

Sam Greenwood


  • Name: Mike Gillislee
  • Class: Senior
  • Position: RB
  • Height/Weight: 5'11"/209
  • Projected 40: 4.56

2012 Stats

  • Rushing Yards: 1152
  • Rushing TDs: 10
  • Rushing AVG: 4.7
  • Receiving Yards: 159
  • Receiving TDs: 1
  • Receiving AVG: 9.9


Gillislee is my favorite running back in the draft, especially in terms of value. He has had just one year of starting, which can be a negative, but is also a positive, especially for a running back, in that he doesn't have a lot of wear and tear on his body. Gillislee is a very well-rounded prospect that can run between the tackles or outside, as well as catch the ball well. He has superb balance, vision, and patience, which are his three best traits. He is also very tough, grinding out the extra yards and having played with a bad groin injury. Gillislee is a potential star whose stock has been quickly rising over the past year. I would compare him favorably to DeMarco Murray.


Gillislee isn't a blazing threat that will outrun everyone on the field, nor is he a star pass-protector (although serviceable), or a bowling ball of a player. He has an upright style which may lend itself to harder hits. There aren't many weaknesses to his game, as he is a well-rounded player that is, at the very least, above-average in almost every way.

The New York Jets

I expect Gillislee to be drafted in the third round. Most experts have him in their top three-to-five of best running backs in the draft, and I believe that the third would be exceptional value for his skill-set. I don't believe he is a feature, three-down back, but in tandem with Joe McKnight and Bilal Powell, he could be deadly. He is a decent receiving threat out of the backfield, which is certainly applicable to the West Coast Offense, although it's not his biggest strength. Gillislee has a high football IQ, and it would be extremely smart of the Jets to draft him in April.