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Geno Smith' Scrambling Success

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Jets quarterback Geno Smith collected a career high 50 rushing yards in yesterday's win over the Raiders. It was the fourth time this year he rushed for at least 20 yards while maintaining an average of over 5 yards per carry. The Jets are 4-0 in these games, and Geno has posted four of his five highest individual game quarterback ratings.

It seems like there might be a connection between Geno's success and his ability to run the ball effectively. Perhaps when he shows the threat of the run, defenses have to adjust and leave other things open.

I would probably guess the explanation is simpler. This might not be a cause as much as an effect. Perhaps Geno is more effective as a scrambler in these games because he is more comfortable and seeing the field better.

In any event, the Jets probably do not want their quarterback running it too frequently and risking hits, but it is worth noting that the team is having success when Geno adds that extra dimension to the offense.