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New York Jets Beat Raiders 37-27. We Have A Pulse!

The New York Jets halted a slide of 3 losses on the run with a performance that provided just enough to beat the scrappy Raiders.

Maddie Meyer

I love a win as next as the next fan, but that was a little more difficult than it probably should have been. With so many players out for the Raiders, giving up 27 points on the defensive side of the football is simply not good enough. However, the D has helped out the O so many times this season, so they are allowed a week off and it's about time the offense picked up a little of the slack.

Join us below for the good and bad, and celebrate the Jets who are now 6-7


Geno Smith

Recently Geno has been absolutely brutal and that all accumulated in a benching last week against the Dolphins. He wasn't perfect today, he had an interception that was down to him staring down the receiver and a couple of his throws were either too high or too low, he also missed one to Cumberland that would likely be a touchdown. However he threw a good strike to Kerley, put the ball on the money for Holmes who couldn't make the catch and utilised his legs well, extending plays and getting in for the score. The Jets allowed Geno to throw down the field and he looked a lot more comfortable this week than he has for a long time. He can take a lot of credit for this win and I hope he performs as well as this for the remainder of the season.

Chris Ivory

He went a little quiet after a really strong start, but he made two stand out plays. One was the touchdown run where he broke a few tackles and just kept his legs churning into the endzone, that was a great play and he showed a relentless motor. The other play was the block he put on Moore, it was so physical that Moore had to step out of the game for a few plays to get his head right.  I imagine everyone in the stadium heard the crunch of the helmet on Moore. He had several good runs today and finished with 76 yards on 18 carries with the touchdown. He did fumble the football but he managed to get it back.

Kellen Winslow

It's a shame that Geno couldn't find him in the first quarter as he was constantly forcing a mis-match on the linebackers. He made three important grabs for the Jets, and seeing him try to hurdle Woodson who wasn't actually diving for the tackle, may be one of the best things I saw today. Otherwise he did a nice job of getting open, and although he was the leading receiver, it could have been so much more.

Jeremy Kerley

It's so nice to have Kerley back and you can see that he has some understanding with Geno, he's also his 3rd down blanket and that showed today. He made a tremendous grab in the end zone for the touchdown and that seemed to settle Geno down. He also made a great move on a defensive back to get open on 3rd down. He is the only Jets receiver who consistently gets open.

Nick Folk

Got to give this man a little credit. He was a perfect 3/3 today including one from 51 yards and he was perfect in extra points. He has become a very reliable component of this team and I'm loving it.

Quinton Coples

He's still developing and we're not seeing the explosion that we saw last year, but he got a nice sack at the end in garbage time and he was in on some other plays, including Pace's sack. I still don't like him playing 3-4 OLB and I don't think it is utilising him to the best of his abilities, but he is still making a few plays.

Dee Milliner

I was really impressed with Milliner today. Coming off the back of three benchings, he came out and he played some good football. Was he perfect? absolutely not, but he made two really good defensive plays that forced incompletions and I can't remember seeing a receiver blow past him, which may be the first time ever.

David Harris

Again, not a perfect performance by any means but you have to accept what Harris brings to the table. He won't be a complete linebacker as his coverage skills are just not there, but he made some nice stops in the flat and he's pretty reliable in the run game, so I'll give him that.

Antonio Allen

When he did come in on sub-packages he looked OK, however that blocked punt put all the momentum in the Jets corner. He came right up the middle and almost took the ball off King's showlaces, but a touchdown from a punt block is never a bad thing.

Nick Bellore

Simply because I thought the Raiders had recovered the onside kick and I thought it would be a very long two minutes. Luckily for us Bellore found his way to the ball.


Antonio Cromartie

I really don't know what's going on with Cromartie but I thought he looked really poor again today. It's going to be interesting to see if the stats tell the same story. However he is tentative, he doesn't look as though he wants to tackle. When he is playing off-coverage he can't get turned around and when he's up at the line he's getting beat off it. He took a PI call that kept the Raiders drive alive, he didn't need to. He's an experienced corner, he knows he needs to turn his head around, he just didn't bother. I think his injury is a factor, but it also looks as though his head is gone.

Run Defense

Allowing 5.8 yards a carry is a recipe for disaster, there seemed to be gaping holes right down Broadway. I'm not sure if Harrison, Richardson and Mo just had off-days but that is the second week in a row that our defensive front has failed to make any in-roads in terms of the running game. We were facing Oakland's 4th string RB, who is usually their FB and he has that much success. I'm not looking forward to Carolina.


I know Reed had an interception and that was a nice play, but we are vulnerable every single time the opponent throws over the middle. Reed takes some terrible angles to the ball these days and Landry is often arriving a few seconds late. I don't want to get on them too much, but against better opponents, we probably concede even more than 27 points.

I think that's all the negativity I want to spread today. Yes it was the Raiders and yes they were banged up, but you can only beat the team put in front of you and the Jets did that today. It's a great victory and it was much-needed, we're still in the play-off race although the chances are slim. Lets just celebrate this victory and a little retribution for Geno Smith and to a lesser extent Dee Milliner.