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Oakland Raiders at New York Jets Game Thread

Jeff Zelevansky

Today the Oakland Raiders travel to the east coast to play your New York Jets. Luckily for the Jets, the Raiders will be without some key players today and the Jets are relatively healthy coming into the game. Unfortunately for the Jets, the Raiders play the run well so we are going to have to get something going in the air today.

The Raiders are sitting at 4-8 while the Jets have slumped to a 5-7 record after being 5-4 at one point this season. Trying to break the losing streak against a a very inconsistent Raiders team is not going to be easy, especially with the offensive troubles the Jets currently have, however if they are going to get something going, it may well be against a 4-8 team with several key members out.

Rex Ryan is 6-1 against rookie quarterbacks so he'll hope to keep that impressive record today as he faces Raiders rookie Matt McGloin. Stephen Hill is inactive today but Kerley, Holmes and Cromartie all play.

John is celebrating a family birthday today (and deserves a rest after the last three weeks), so I'll be doing the game recap.....hopefully it'll be a more positive one than we've seen in the last few weeks.

Enjoy the game, pop your comments below. The normal rules apply, please don't ask anyone to provide an illegal link to stream the game, if you are asked please do not provide one.