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Jets vs. Raiders Game Day Forecast

This is football weather.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's going to be cold and mostly cloudy on Sunday - pure football weather.  Game time temperatures will sit in the mid 30's with a gentle ENE breeze of around 5 mph and little chance of precipitation.  The sun will be covered by clouds, so it shouldn't get in receiver's eyes.  Winds and precipitation should not be factors in Sunday's game, although some light snow and sleet will be working its way into the region Sunday evening, and there is a slight chance of some of it sneaking into the tail end of the game.  The temperature will be cold, but it should not be cold enough to meaningfully impact the passing game.

The weather will make it relatively easy for the quarterbacks to pass the ball for a December day in East Rutherford.  At home, with his full arsenal of receivers set to play, with relatively benign weather, it's now or never for Geno Smith and the Jets passing game.

Enjoy the game everyone.