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Scouting The 2014 Draft: 5 Round Premature Jets Mock Draft

We are pretty much finished for the season. All that is left for us to see is how low will we go in the standings. Even though this is a little premature, it is time for us to start looking forward.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Round 1

Mike Evans - Texas A&M - WR

This team needs offensive help. The problem is, they needed this help for the past 3 years. Will this be the year they finally address this need? I sure hope so. Our weakest, and most fragile position, is at WR. Other than Kerley, no one has really been consistent for us. It doesn't matter who our QB is, if no one gets open for them, bad things will happen. Mike Evens is one of my favorite receivers in this year's draft. This is a very large man, with the athleticism/speed to make big plays, all over the field. I can't see many defenders, if any, being able to defend Evens for too long. One thing is for certain, he will make big plays for us. If we continue to stink it up, we could very well be in range to draft Evens.

Round 2

C.J. Fiedorowicz - Iowa - TE

Our next weakest position would be TE. Winslow seems to be the most consistent of our two, but there are a whole myriad of reasons to not bring him back. To name a few, attitude, age, and injuries. Cumberland has looked good in spots, but is very inconsistent. Most of the time, he is either dropping the big pass, or not getting open at all. We need an upgrade here. Fiedorowicz is a very interesting prospect. At 6'6" 265, C.J. is a monster. At Iowa, his run blocking was put on full display, but it's his athleticism at receiver in which makes him dangerous. His speed and body control will make him a dangerous receiving weapon in the NFL.

Round 3 (Tampa Pick)

Kelvin Benjamin - Florida St - WR

Did I mention how weak our receiving corps are? This really can't be stressed enough. I could also see Cribbs, Nelson, Salas, Holmes, and gates not being on the team next year. I am all for a cleaning of the house at this position. If there was ever a position to double up on in this draft, it would be WR. This year's draft is very, very deep at WR. If Benjamin decides to come out this year, he will have a lot of competition in front of him, but his talent is undeniable. He is another receiver where size and speed combine to make a monster. Benjamin's awareness, and body control, has given him an advantage over everyone he has gone up against. This would make our receiving core Evens, Kerley, Benjamin, Hill, and probably a few vets.

Round 3

Jimmy Garoppolo - Eastern Illinois - QB

As you can see, I am going in a certain direction with all these picks. I would like to devote the majority of this draft on offense. Geno has seemed to regress in Sanchezian fashion. He is still a rookie though, and can still turn things around. With that said, I don't want to put all my eggs in his basket. Garoppolo may be a small school product, but he has everything you look for in a NFL QB. Jimmy has a quick release, an outstanding ability to read the secondary, great foot work, very good decision making, and is comfortable going through his progressions. The only negative he has right now, is the size of his hands. As a result, some of his passes aren't the tightest, but he gets the pass in there.

Round 4

Ryan Groy - Wisconsin - G/T

Our once dominant O-line is only a ghost of what it once was. Austin Howard is the only O-line member, positively ranked by PFF. Our run blocking is near last in the league. Our pass blocking is in the middle of the pack, even though it seems horrible sometimes. An upgrade will be needed. Winters is by far the weakest link on that line. He is a rookie, so he can still improve. Just like with Geno though, I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket. Colon is also a free agent going into 2014, so that spot might be open. Groy has been a beast for Wisconsin. If you want a great example of this, see if you can find footage of the Wisconsin Arizona State game. You will see Groy matched up against  Will Sutton one on one most of the game. He takes this Sutton out of the game for most of the day, and opens up some big holes. I don't know why more scouts aren't talking about Groy, but I am sure this will change.

Round 5

De'Anthony Thomas - Oregon - RB

In Goodson's brief stint with the Jets this year, he looked like he could be a real playmaker for us. Then disaster happened with his knee. For now, he is on the roster, but depending on how he rehabs, that might change. Even if he is ready, there is no telling if he will be anything like he was. Not everyone is AP. To be safe, I would want to bring in another big-play speedster. Thomas has had his injury concerns this year, and doesn't quite look like himself right now. I think with an offseason to heal, and a fresh start, he could be dangerous for us.