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Geno Smith's Mechanical Failure

Jeff Zelevansky

Kristian Dyer spoke with Steve Clarkson, a quarterback coach, to discuss Geno Smith's mechanics.

"Mechanics, there’s a number of things that need fixing. His footwork is what you’d expect from someone who spent a lot of time in the shotgun formation [in college]," Clarkson told Metro. "He tends to have his feet duck-footed or kind of planted outward. It doesn’t let him rip his hips through throws. What that ultimately does is have his throws go high and wide, especially under duress, which happens a lot in New York."

Click on over. It is an interesting read.

Geno clearly has a lot of problems right now. You don't see his mechanics mentioned much, but they might be playing a role in his off target passes. No matter how much coaching people receive, a tendency when things go badly is to revert to what is comfortable. Mechanics were a concern for Geno coming out of West Virginia. While his mechanics can only partially explain his struggles, they probably are playing a role.