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NFL Week 14 Picks

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

NY Jets over Oakland

It feels like the Jets are due a good game, and Oakland is just as shaky.

Jacksonville over Houston

I did not think I would pick the Jaguars all year, but here we are.

Baltimore over Minnesota

The Vikings have been a bad road team, and the Ravens have been a good home team.

Cincinnati over Indianapolis

The Colts have a ton of problems right now.

Green Bay over Atlanta

Obviously this pick is more about the Falcons than the Packers right now.

New England over Cleveland

It seems like the Browns are fading.

Philadelphia over Detroit

I think the Eagles can slow down Detroit's passing attack better than the Lions can shut down the Eagles'.

Pittsburgh over Miami

I don't think Ryan Tannehill replicates his success from last week against Pittsburgh's defense.

Tampa Bay over Buffalo

Are the Bucs playing well enough that they might do something foolish like keep Greg Schiano?

Kansas City over Washington

Alex Smith is going to go nuts.

Denver over Tennessee

No letdown for the Broncos.

Arizona over St. Louis

The way St. Louis was scoring all of those crazy touchdowns over that recent stretch was not sustainable.

NY Giants over San Diego

I think Eli wins a shootout.

San Francisco over Seattle

This is a game the Niners have been waiting for, while the Seahawks are on a short week off a huge win.

Carolina over New Orleans

The Panthers can stop the Saints passing game better than the Saints can stop the Carolina ground game.

Chicago over Dallas

I find it impossible to trust the Cowboys in this spot.