2014 NFL Available Free Agents

We have a ton of glaring holes on this team that need to be fixed. On the offensive side it is obvious but once we get past the D-line there's much work to be done on defense as well. The NY Jets will have plenty of cap space after we make the necessary cuts which I will get into but they also have a minimum of 11 draft picks going into 2014. A lot of this can be fixed through the draft which I back 100% but there is plenty of options in the 2014 Free agent market.

Already, there has been plenty of mock drafts here on GGN and I really enjoy them so I thought about this post regarding free agents. I am going to keep it solely on unrestricted free agents and who I like. I could be wrong but if I'm not mistaken, if we sign a restricted free agent there's draft pick compensation to the old team. Not ready to do that.

Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen, Adios, Arrivederci.........

-Santonio Holmes. Cap# $10.75 mil - 2.5 mil dead $ = $8.25 mil savings

-Mark Sanchez. Cap# 13.1mil - 4.8mil dead $ = 8.3 mil cap savings

-Antonio Cromartie Cap# $14.98 mil - $5.480 mil dead $ = 9.5 mill cap savings

Get rid of some other dead weight and we have about 30 mil to play with. (I also think the NFL raises the cap in 2014).

*Remember, this all about free agents and not the draft but I may reference the draft in explaining my reasons.


-Mark Sanchez. Question? If we cut him and he becomes a free agent and we resign him for let's say the vet minimum or close to that, how does that effect his cap # if it does at all? I am also very high on AJ McCarron if he's there in the 2nd round. Let us not forget that Mariota is returning to school so AJ's stock may be rising.

Wide Receiver:

-Anquan Boldin. Time to spend some money! With size, physicality, and some of the best hands in the league, Anquan Boldin appears to have a couple more solid years in front of him. 3 years/$30mill should do it. I fully expect us to grab one of the stud receivers in the 1st round but we need a #1 WR now!

Tight End:

-Jimmy Graham. Pipe Dream! Never happen. No way the Saints let this guy walk. He has been the clear cut number one or two tight end in the league for the past two seasons.

-Jermichael Finley. Yes there's reason to be reluctant with Finley who has struggled with drops and has failed to play up to his potential but perhaps a change of scenery is what he needs. He should not be to terrible expensive but has a ton of upside. Plus if we reach for AJ McCarron in the 2nd, Ebron will not be available in the 3rd.


- Wade Smith. Dude out of Houston is a baller. Texans are going to want to resign him but it shouldn't cost us that much $ to steal him away.


-Antoine Bethea. Plays for the Colts. Not a flashy player but he's consistent and gets the job done. He has been elected to the Pro Bowl twice and dressed for 81 consecutive games. At a position that has suffered through a drought of talent for nearly a decade now, Bethea's reliability is a major asset.


-Sam Shields: Worked his way up from the undrafted ranks to become one of the better starters at his position in the league. After an up and down start to his career, he's settled into the Packers top boundary corner. We will need to replace Cromartie and I think he has a ton of upside and won't break the bank. I also think Wilson gets moved to the outside and Milliner takes his turn in the slot.

Outside Linbacker:

-Brian Orakpo: There will be a significant bidding for his talents if Washington doesn't lock him up early.

IMO these are our major needs and concerns. I'm not saying we could get all these guys but if we could sign a few through free agency I would be totally satisfied and then we deal with the rest in the draft. Let's hope Idzik does some magic and gets us ready for the 2014 season. It would be interesting to hear if you agree or disagree but be nice please, LOL!

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