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GIF Breakdown - Miami Dolphins at New York Jets (2 of 4)

Let's watch a play.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, let's get to it!


Q2, 8:02 remaining. It's third-and-twelve, and it looks like Rex Ryan is going to bring the house. One of the guys at the line of scrimmage immediately peels back into zone coverage, and a second soon follows. All of the remaining cornerbacks are in one-on-one coverage, and they are all glued to their man. This is one of those plays where immediately, everything goes wrong for the Miami Dolphins. Quinton Coples and Calvin Pace immediately get pressure on the edge, which would normally force Ryan Tannehill to step up (although he does jump forward a bit). The problem? Muhammad Wilkerson is right in his face to crush him as soon as he throws it, leading to a lame duck which Antonio Cromartie just goes up and gets.

This is one of those rare plays, by any team, where every single person on the field executed their job the way it was intended. Nobody was open, and the pass rush got there quickly. Even if Tannehill's intended receiver had caught a bullet, which was no guarantee, it's doubtful they would have gotten the first down. This was one of the few good plays from the game, so let's enjoy it.