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Geno Smith: The Incredible Shrinking Quarterback

Jeff Zelevansky

Anybody with eyes can probably see the last four games have been ugly for Geno Smith. Ugly might be an understatement. Stats don't tell the whole story, but with the season now exactly 75% over, let's take a look at Geno's stats from games 9 through 12 compare with 1 through 4 and 5 through 8.

Games Completions/Attempts Completion Percentage Yards Yards/Attempt TD INT TD Rate INT Rate
1-4 78/136 57.3% 1,090 8.0 4 8 2.9% 5.8%
5-8 72/117 61.5% 792 6.7 4 5 3.4% 4.2%
9-12 29/74 39.1% 374 5.0 0 6 0.0% 8.1%

As you can see, through the first eight games, Geno was not playing great ball, but he was on the fringes of adequacy. The second set of games is skewed a bit by a performance in Cincinnati where the numbers look better than his play, but this generally shows just how awful Geno's play has become. He didn't complete 45% of his passes in a single game during the third quarter of the season. As the season has progressed, the Jets have asked less of Geno, and he is falling off a cliff.