Bring Back Eric Mangini!!!!

First off let me say I love Rex and I think he is the right man for the job. He loves being the coach of the Jets and his passion for the job really shines through. So why am I saying bring back Mangini? I don't want Mangini as a head coach but if the rumors are true and Idzik wants some changes in the coaching staff I think Mangini would be a great fit. So hear me out before you dismiss my crazy idea,

What are Rex's biggest strengths?

1. He a player's coach and his players seem to love him.

2. His teams play hard and he seems to be a great motivator.

3. Widely respected as a defensive genius.

What are Rex's biggest weaknesses?

1. Rex is too emotional and\or sentimental to "his guys" and plays them over younger better talent.

2. The team has been terrible after bye weeks.

3. Team discipline in regards to penalties is lacking.

Now what are Mangini's strengths?

1. His teams were 4-1 after the bye. Wins against the Pats twice, Steelers and Bengals with the only loss to the Ravens with a lousy Browns team.

2. His teams were usually near the top for least penalized teams.

3. Considered a bright football guy hence the Mangenius nickname.

Mangini's weaknesses

1. Didn't relate well to his players.

2. Was overly strict as a disciplinarian, would fine players if they spent too much in the hotel mini bar and other silly things like that.

3. Was probably too analytical and not emotional enough and came off as robotic.

So I think the strengths and weaknesses of Rex and Mangini would go well together and I think it would be mutually beneficial to both men. They could both learn from each other and help each other with their weaknesses and both become better coaches. Mangini could rein in Rex a little and help him be more analytical with his players and not play "his guys" as much. Rex could teach Mangini how to have a personality and just relate to players better. Mangini would teach Rex how to prepare a team for a bye and help with the game planning. Now if this is as beneficial as I think the pairing could be, Mangini could move on in a few years and be a terrific head coach while Rex would be better after a bye, learn how to install discipline to his teams better and maybe be less sentimental with his veteran players.

So I think if they left Thurman go, we should offer Mangini the DC job or an assistant HC job if Thurman is still around. The main stumbling block I see, would be if Mangini would be willing to come back to a team that fired him. I think he might consider it since it's been 5 years since he was fired and he had another head coaching gig already.

Anyway feel free to comment and let me know what you think about my idea.

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