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Nick Folk Looking For A Multiyear Deal

For the first time in a long time, the Jets have gone through a season with one of the most reliable kickers in the game, and now he is looking for stability.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

This year Nick Folk hit 91.7% of his kicker (33 of 36), including three from 50+ yards, and 12 between 40 and 49 yards. That is a career year, and the success percentage is well above his career average. He hit 90.9% of his kicks in 2008 but otherwise he has been around the 75-78% mark, not including his dreadful 2009 season that saw him cut by the Cowboys after hitting just 64.3% of his kicks.

However he is now a free agent, and after signing four one year deals in a row with the Jets, he is looking at a multiyear contract to bring a little stability to his situation. With twin 5 month old boys, Nick is looking to call New York home for many more years. Speaking to ESPN regarding whether he was looking for a multiyear deal:

"I think so," Folk said. "I think I’ve done my part but if that’s what they want to do then that’s what they want to do. We’ll see what happens over the next couple months. I’d love to be here, love to be back. It’s a lot of fun to be here, to me it’s a great place to be."

Whenever a player becomes a free agent, there are two key points to consider. Does he want to come back and does the team want him back? and how much is it going to cost. The first point isn't really an issue:

"Yes, and I think it's been a good year and I feel pretty strong," Folk said. "It’s been conveyed to the Jets and been conveyed back that we both want to be back here and I’ll leave it at that."

Jane McManus makes a good point when looking at Robbie Goulds 4 year contract in Chicago, worth $9 million. She asked Nick if he wanted a similar deal and he responded with a very logical and team orientated response:

"A lot of it depends on what the team value is and what the team needs, so they obviously value that position quite a bit," Folk said. "But they also feel, I think, that they’ve got a bunch of young guys who can play for them coming up. There’s a lot that goes into all that stuff. I’m not worried right now, it’s Day 1."

One thing I would like to point out in relation to this. There is no doubt that Nick Folk has had a great season, the most consistent kicker I've seen on the Jets in some time, without looking at the stats (as I seem to remember Feely having a great year a couple of years ago). However his average is around 75%-78% and we should expect it to revert to this going forward.

Robbie Gould got that contract because he has been one of the best kickers since he entered the league in 2005. He hasn't dipped below 80% since his rookie season. He hit 89.7% this season, 84% last season and 87.5% the season before. That's consistently reliable, and that's how you get a 4 year extension.

Saying that, I would love to see Nick back and I wouldn't be against offering him a two year contract to make that happen.