You People Baffle Me

We decide we're gonna bring back Rex and some of you are acting like you want to throw a parade. I've heard some of you whine that he's only had one losing season since taking over here. But you're lying to yourselves. We weren't really a 9-7 team in 2009. We were 7-7 before going into Indy, and their decision to forfeit the rest of their season for rest and health. If they played that game for real, they would have smashed us like they did in the playoffs. If not for their gift, we finish 8-8 and watch the playoffs from the home like we should have.

You want to bash the talent on this roster because a few pre-season morons said there wasn't enough talent on this team to win 4 games. Which was just as absurd then as it is now. Willfully ignoring the fact that a less-talented 2012 team had just won 6 games (and should have won more). Really? Is there really more talent on the 8-8 Dolphins? The 8-8 Ravens? The 8-8 Steelers? The 7-9 Titans? The 7-9 Rams? The 6-10 Bills? Are you really going to just point to the wide receiver position and ignore all the talent we have everywhere else? Yeah we have some spots where we're wanting, but so does every other 6-10 and 8-8 team. But we have some spots where we're loaded too. And our d-line is LOADED.

And the whole championing of finishing 8-8 this season... Oye. This annoys me to no end. How can this be ok for any fan of this team? How are you NOT steaming mad right now? How can we forgive and forget Buffalo after the bye-week? We're in the playoff hunt, coming off a bye-week, and we go into Buffalo with our "defensive genius" head coach and we get spanked up and down the field by rookie QB EJ Manuel, who goes 20-28 for 245 and 2 TDs. Uggggghhhh!!! It was 20-Zip at half. 34-7 at the end of the 3rd. Coming off a bye... Playoffs on the line... Rookie QB in the cross-heirs... Kicked in the nuts. A week later, still in the playoff hunt, Rex forgot that the game was in Baltimore and nobody showed up. The next week, STILL in the playoff picture, we get the Phins at home... Rex and the team had a severe case of irritable bowl syndrome and dropped hot squirts all over the field, the stench of which was so noxious that it overpowered even that of the toxic swamps of the Meadowlands. The amazing Ryan Tannehill carving us up for 28/43 331 yards and two TDs while dropping a piano on our playoff hopes. But hey... 8-8, right? Woohoo. Defensive genius.

Oh yeah... hey, did you know that in 5 of our 8 wins this year, our opponent scored 20 or more points? Who did we really stop all year? Did you know that our offense scored 24 or more points in 6 of our 8 wins? Is this a team that is really led by Mr. Defense? Real question. And if Mr. Defense wasn't at the helm, would we have had some of those dismal offensive performances like the 19-6 loss at home to Pittsburgh; or the 19-3 loss to Baltimore; or the 23-3 loss at home to Miami? Defensive genius my...

You guys throw your party for Rex. You pretend he rallied his troops and got them to show out to get the team to 8-8 and save his skin. Blow your little New Years party horns. But the truth is, with an extra week of prep time and the playoffs on the line, he dropped the ball to a rookie QB. And then he did it again 2 weeks later, at home, to a second year QB with the worst OL in football. Me? I'll never forgive that @#$!$^$ for that. And I hate that we're going to spend at least another year mired in mediocrity. Happy New Year!! [Blows party horn.]

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