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Jets to Sign Darius Reynaud

Joe Murphy

To deal with Josh Cribbs' injury, the Jets are apparently set to sign return man Darius Reynaud.

Reynaud has bounced around with three other teams in a five year career. He is purely a return specialist. In those five years, he has just 23 career touches from scrimmage.

Unfortunately, he is not a particularly effective return man with career averages of just 22.5 yards per kickoff return and 9.5 per punt return.

When the Titans cut Reynaud in October, SB Nation's Music City Miracles said, "A month too late," and, "You cannot be on the roster as a return man and not be good at it." Needless to say, this does not sound promising. Reynaud sounds like more of a body to handle returns in place of Cribbs rather than anything resembling a genuine solution.