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Ed Reed to Stay in Starting Lineup

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

His Cimininess says Rex Ryan is sticking with Ed Reed as a starting safety.

"He's going to be starting unless he's injured," said Ryan, who coached Reed during their years together in Baltimore. "I think Ed gives us the best shot."

Whatever limited role some people thought Rex would use to get production out of Reed has not panned out. Reed has been a full-time player since signing with the Jets.

It is kind of a double whammy for the team. Reed is hurting the Jets out there. He is also taking snaps away from Antonio Allen. I don't want to make Allen out to be the next Ronnie Lott. It is unclear how much of a future in this league, but he has shown some promising signs against the run. He certainly looks better than Reed. Extra snaps for him could help the team evaluate and attempt to develop him.

This just seems like a bad short term move and an a worse long term move. The whole Reed saga shows the dangers in just chasing a player because he has a big name.