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Week 14 NFL Power Rankings: Looking Through the Results

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Here are how some of the big media outlets rate the Jets relative to the rest of the league going into Week 14 after yet another loss. Yahoo! Shutdown Corner asks the question thats been on everyone's minds lately.

ESPN: 23 (-1)

Yikes. Geno Smith's numbers against the blitz (49.2 completion percentage, 6.8 yards per attempt) are almost identical to Mark Sanchez's in 2012 (49.7, 6.7).

FOX Sports (Brian Billick): 22 (-2)

The Jets had just 39 yards of total offense in the first half on Sunday and Geno Smith added another interception to make it 23 giveaways for him on the season.

Yahoo! (Shutdown Corner): 21 (--)

Are the Jets quarterbacks awful because of their terrible receivers, or are the receivers terrible because of the awful quarterbacks? I’ll let the philosophy majors handle that one.

CBS (Pete Prisco): 23 (-1)

Geno Smith is staying in as quarterback. Does that mean they are tanking the season?

CBS (Pat Kirwan): 28 (-5)

The Jet QB situation is shaky at best. I wonder if Sanchez was on the active roster what would happen if he went in for a struggling Geno Smith and won games what would happen.

New York Daily News: 27 (-9)

There is no worse offense in the league right now.

Where do you think the Jets should rank?