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Jets 2014 Schedule: Opponents Now Known

Mike Ehrmann

The Jets' opponents in 2014 are now known. We already knew fourteen of the sixteen games in advance. The Jets have six games, one home one away, against the other three teams in the AFC East. They have four games against the teams of the AFC West and NFC North. They also have games against the two teams that finished in the same spot in the standings as them in the other two AFC divisions, the North and the South.

The Jets and Dolphins both finished 8-8. The Jets won the tiebreaker, though, so they finished in second place. That means they will get fellow second place teams Tennessee and Pittsburgh, both of whom they played in 2013.

Here is the full list of opponents. The schedule will be announced at a later date.

HOME: Buffalo, Miami, New England, Denver, Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh

AWAY: Buffalo, Miami, New England, Kansas City, San Diego, Green Bay, Minnesota, Tennessee